5 years of Caya® Diaphragm

Five years of Caya® Diaphragm – the successful story of a proven contraceptive method


The comeback could not have been better:
On 9 April 2013 the first Caya® Diaphragm was delivered to the Engel Apotheke in Fulda, Germany. After 5 years, more than 110,000 women worldwide made their choice for the Caya® Diaphragm – as their reliable method of contraception.

Up to now, over 110,000 Caya®s reached women in more than 32 countries: Europe, the US, Australia and most recently the land of the Kiwis, New Zealand. For an overview of all Caya® countries, find our global map on www.caya.eu

Where does this success come from? The annual Caya® post marketing surveys show a clear result:
More and more women want a hormone-free and safe contraception without side effects – which they only use when they need to. 42% of the participants said they had taken the pill before they started to use the Caya® Diaphragm. Over 14% had used another hormonal method before.*

The trend is away from hormonal contraception towards a self-determined method which is, in case of the wish for a baby, reversible.

Is there a certain type of Caya® woman? Actually, no. It’s sexually active women in their fertile days from 18 to 45 years, so the Caya® is being used in different phases of life. What is exciting, is that a third of the respondents said that they had „better and more relaxed sex“ than before with the Caya® Diaphragm.

What are the next steps for this year? Caya goes Africa: in June 2018, the Caya® Diaphragm will be introduced in Niger. Nigeria and Madagascar are already in preparation.

*all results of the Caya® post marketing survey 2017 can de downloaded here


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