NEW: Hyalofemme vaginal gel available again by Medintim

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13th of June, 2022

As of now, the Hyalofemme vaginal gel is available again by Medintim.

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Also available in pharmacies in Germany and Austria: PZN 17584689 | EAN 8033661806720

Hyalofemme vaginal gel

Hyalofemme is a colorless gel with strong moisturizing properties. It contains HYDEAL-D, a derivative of hyaluronic acid, which allows prolonged release of active ingredients at the site of application. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that maintains physiological moisture in tissues and plays an important role in the healing process of tissues.

During certain phases of a woman's life (e.g. after childbirth, during lactation or menopause), as a result of certain pharmacological treatments or in times of increased stress, this delicate balance may be disturbed and significant discomfort such as vaginal dryness and a burning and itching sensation may occur.

The HYDEAL-D-based composition of Hyalofemme ensures good adhesion to the vaginal mucosa, a long local moisturizing effect and supports the natural healing process of minor injuries.