Singa diaphragm

NEW! the Singa® diaphragm

Available now only in pharmacies

The Singa® diaphragm is a new, round diaphragm, available in sizes 60 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 85 mm and 90 mm in diameter.

The Caya® contoured diaphragm has already covered most of the needs of almost 90% of all users since 2013.

So why do you still need individual sizes? For women for whom the Caya® does not fit!

There are women who either need a diaphragm with a diameter of 60 mm, a larger diaphragm with a diameter of 85 mm or 90 mm (e.g. after multiple vaginal deliveries) or who need a slightly firmer spring tension.

For these women, the traditional round Singa® diaphragm is the right solution.

The Singa® diaphragm is available now and only in pharmacies (recommended price: 59,90 €)

Size 60mm PZN 15657964

Size 65mm PZN 15657970

Size 70mm PZN 15657987

Size 75mm PZN 15657993

Size 80mm PZN 15658001

Size 85mm PZN 15658018

Size 90mm PZN 15658024

The contraceptive gels recommended for this purpose are:

Caya Gel 60ml (with applicator) PZN 2950119 empf. Price 9,95€   

Contragel Green 60ml PZN 04116596 rec. Price 9,50 €