Penile Vibratory Stimulation Device

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Viberect-X3® penile vibratory stimulation device is a US manufactured hand-held therapeutic vibrator intended to provoke penile erection for erectile dysfunction, and to provoke ejaculation.

Penile vibratory stimulation is an easy and non-invasive nerve stimulation method, similar to sexual intercourse or manual stimulation that helps to activate nerve receptors (nerve antennas) that are located on the skin surface of the enis. These nerves communicate with sexual centers of the brain and spinal cord.

Activation and initiation of sexual reflexes by the Viberect-X3® device helps to initiate penile erection, rigidity, ejaculation and orgasm. This device is designed by urologists specializing in ejaculation and sexual medicine to help men benefit from this modality with ease in the comfort of their home use.

Clinical Studies

A recent study in the International Spinal Cord Society examined the safety and efficacy of Viberect-X3® for inducing ejaculation in men with spinal cord injuries. This study found the ejaculatory success rate of Viberect-X3® was 77% percent.

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Package content

  • Viberect-X3® device
  • 2 Soft Pads
  • Power supply SL Power (AULT) MENB1010A0903F01
  • Batteries Ni-MH, rechargeable 4 AA
  • Instruction for use

Avoid Viberect-X3® use in temperatures exceeding 35º C or 95ºF

Ambient temperature 68-77ºF (20-25º C)

Product details
GTIN: 04013273001755
REF: IA Vibe X3

erectile dysfunction caused by:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Disorder of the cardiovascular system
  • High blood lipid concentration
  • Depressions or other mental disorders
  • Neuropathic disorder (multiple sclerosis, paraplegia)
  • Prostate gland disorder and/or prostate surgery
  • Vascular disease of the glands penis
  • Disorder of the liver or kidneys
  • cardiac infarction or stroke
  • side effects of pharmaceuticals (medication) (for e.g. against hypertension, irregular heartbeat, high blood lipid concentration, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressive and for dehydration)
  • hormonal or mental disorder
  • alcohol and drug abuse
  • smoking

FDA, CE, ISO 13485:2003, CMDCAS, Health Canada
CE 0459 medical device

Reflexonic LLC
Frederick, MD 21701