Seven years of Caya® Diaphragm – a success story

(Mörfelden-Walldorf, 09.04.2020)
On April 9, 2013, the first Caya® diaphragm was delivered to the Engel Apotheke in Fulda. Since then, in seven years, several hundred thousand women worldwide have chosen the Caya® Diaphragm for safe, simple and above all hormone-free contraception.

Where does this success come from?
The annual Caya® user surveys show a current trend:

More and more women want to use hormone-free and safe contraception without side effects – and only when it is necessary. The majority of women who decide to use hormone-free contraception have taken the “Pill” or used another hormonal method of contraception before.

The trend is away from hormonal contraception and towards self-determined methods that are easy to reverse if there is the desire to have children. This view applies to sexually active women at different stages of life and at different ages. But in poorer countries with more difficult conditions in terms of medical care, this development can be observed, too.

Beginning of the development
The PATH Foundation, based in Seattle, USA, developed the novel diaphragm from 1996-2011. The following aspects should be decisive in this process:

– a single size for the majority of women
– polymer spring instead of metal (patented)
– anatomical form
– silicone instead of latex

PATH has been developing medical technology for family planning, vaccines and other health protection improvements for over 35 years. Since 2010 KESSEL medintim GmbH has been a contractual partner of the PATH Foundation, which ultimately led to the cooperation and market launch of the Caya® diaphragm.

Milestones in development
2013 CE certification as medical device
2014 FDA approval for USA
2014 Canadian Health Approval
2015 TGA approval Australia
2016 Registration and distribution in Morocco
2019 Registration and distribution in Niger (Sahel)
2019 Registration in Nigeria completed
2020 MDSAP qualification including ANVISA Brazil
2020 Registrations in Central and South America
2020 Registration and distribution in Benin (West Africa)

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