Singa®: Production and distribution of the new diaphragm


KESSEL MEDintim GmbH is preparing the production and distribution of the new Singa® diaphragm. It is to be delivered in late summer 2019.

Important note: As soon as the Singa® diaphragm is available, it will be announced at Please refrain from previous telephone enquiries. It is possible to be placed on an information waiting list by e-mail: Prospective customers may write a short e-mail to

What’s new about the Singa® Diaphragm?

The Singa® diaphragm is named after the inventor of the diaphragm Johann Wilhelm Mensinga (1836 – 1910), a pioneer of modern contraception.

The Singa® diaphragm will be round in its traditional form and provided with a membrane. The available sizes also correspond to the classic diaphragm: 60mm, 65mm, 70mm, 75mm, 80mm, 85mm and 90mm outer diameter.

New features of the Singa® diaphragm will be the material and the spring washer: In conventional diaphragms, the spring was made of metal (spiral spring and/or flat band spring), coated with latex or silicone.

The Singa® diaphragm, like the Caya® diaphragm, will have a polymer (Nylon®) spring washer that has better properties than metal springs and is also lighter. The Singa® diaphragm is also color-coded to match the Caya® diaphragm, as shown in the file below.

The Singa® diaphragm is based on the technology and manufacturing experience of the Caya® contoured diaphragm. This anatomically and ergonomically shaped diaphragm was launched by KESSEL MEDintim GmbH in April 2013. Over 150,000 women have opted for it to date.

Why a round, traditional diaphragm continues to be necessary

The Caya® diaphragm is suitable for a good 87% of all women. However, the remaining 13% require a different diaphragm for anatomical reasons in order to be able to use contraception safely.

The Singa® diaphragm will therefore be of interest to the following women:

– Women who need a smaller diaphragm than the Caya® Diaphragm (60mm diameter)

– Women who need a larger diaphragm than the Caya® diaphragm (85mm and 90mm diameter). These are women who may already have had several vaginal deliveries.

– Women who need a firmer spring tension than the Caya® diaphragm offers. The Singa® diaphragm has a slightly firmer spring tension and therefore sits more firmly in the upper vaginal vault than the Caya diaphragm.

As with all traditional diaphragms, the size of the Singa® diaphragm must be adjusted by a professional (gynaecologist, midwife, family planning clinic) before first use.

The Caya® diaphragm will continue to be the most widely used diaphragm in the world. Further information can be found at With its seven sizes, the Singa® diaphragm gives all women the opportunity to use a diaphragm as the contraceptive method of their choice.


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