Helpi® Ring

for men who come (too) early

Helpi ® Ring
helpi liegend

Safe and simply stress-free

The Helpi® Ring keeps your erections hard and prevents premature, visible ejaculation.

A simple solution without drugs, creams or gels.

The Helpi® Ring is a safe and easy way of removing stress.

Helpi set

How to use


Stretch the ring onto the blue sleeve.

Push the sleeve, together with the ring, over the penis towards your body.

Slip the ring off the sleeve and onto the penis. Now remove the sleeve. The Helpi® Ring will now maintain the erection regardless of when the user comes. The erection is maintained even after the man climaxes. He can continue to have sex.

The Helpi® Ring does not interfere and can even have a stimulating effect on the partner. The user can easily remove the Helpi® Ring at any time.

Pull on the fl aps and wait a few seconds until the erection subsides. You can now simply slip the ring off.

safe and easy

to get rid of stress


100 % Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

included bag

for discrete storage

EAN: 4013273000574


Premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox) may be a symptom of a condition requiring treatment, such as prostatitis or hyperthyroidism. So it’s important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Product details

EAN: 4013273000574


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