Backup Ring

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Backup Ring
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What is the Backup Ring?

The Backup Ring is a device used by men with mild erectile dysfunction. It improves the firmness and fullness of the penis. One size fits all. The Backup Ring helps men who are not satisfied with the quality of their erection or whose erection is not firm enough for sexual activity. When the erection is improved, both partners can have a more intense feeling.

The backup ring helps men who are not satisfied with the quality of their erection.

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Simply pull apart, slip over the erect penis and place behind the testicles.
The Backup Ring can be slipped over the penis and testicles at any time, regardless of the state of arousal of the penis.
The Backup ring sits between the testicles and the body at the root of the penis. It presses against the base of the penis. This ring guides and stabilises the penis and testicles. At the top, where the shaft meets the pubic bone, the ring can have a stimulating effect on the female partner.

stretchy material

one size fits all

augmentation and prolongation

keeps blood in the penis longer

more intense feeling

possible for both partners


Please note that blood stasis can also cause pain if used for too long.

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