Caya Gel®

contraceptive gel for use with diaphragms

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The smart contraception

Caya® Gel is a contraceptive gel for hormone-free contraception with the Caya® or Singa® diaphragm. By means of cellulose it forms an additional physical barrier in front of the cervix and lowers the pH value of the vaginal fluid. The increased acidity and viscosity of the gel inhibit the sperm's motility.

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purified water, lactic acid, sodium lactate, cellulose, sorbic acid, vanillin

gereinigtes Wasser, Milchsäure, Natriumlactat, Zellulose, Sorbinsäure, Vanillin

caya gel tube und applikator

lactic acid

for an acidic pH value


as a gelling agent and additional barrier

pH value

has a positive effect on the vaginal flora

Caya® Gel is identical to the Contracep® green manufactured from 1972 to 2002 and Contragel® green available in europe since 2005. This lactic acid based compostion was shown to be as safe as nonoxynol-9 containing products as long ago as 1989 (Dittrich 1989) in a comparative stdy of different diaphragm gels and creams, but was found to have a much lower potential to cause side effects.

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