Contragel® green

gel for use with diaphragms or cervical caps

Contragel ® grün
contragel gesamt

The diaphragm gel

Contragel® green is a gel for use with a Caya® or a Singa® diaphragm. By means of cellulose, it forms an additional physical barrier in front of the cervix.

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Contragel® green is water-soluble and compatible with condoms made of natural rubber or polyurethane.

lactic acid

for a right vaginal pH value


as a gelling agent and additional barrier

The product has been manufactured with the same ingredients since 1972. The institute CONRAD ( could show the effectiveness of Contragel® green in an independent study in 2017.* This study has proven that Contragel® green used together with the Caya® Diaphragm is safe and as effective as Caya® used together with products containig nonoxynol 9.

* Mauck Christine K., Brache Vivian, Kimble Thomas, Thurman Andrea, Cochon Leila, Littlefield Sarah, Linton Kim, Doncel Gustavo F., Schwartz Jill L., A Phase I Randomized Postcoital Testing and Safety Study of the Caya Diaphragm used with 3% Nonoxynol-9 gel, ContraGel, or No Gel, Contraception (2017)

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