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Bumpi ® Rings
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New: The soft Bumpi Rings

Women with endometriosis, prolapse of the uterus or myomas sometimes experience bleeding or pain during sex. The medical name for this problem is collision
dyspareunia. Despite a variety of causes, there is a simple solution: the soft Bumpi® Rings.

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How to use

One or several soft Bumpi® Rings are stretched with both hands, and, before penetration, pulled up the penis shaft right up to the testicles. The depth of penetration can be adjusted individually, depending on the number of Bumpi® Rings used. To pull off, the rings are again stretched and can then be removed.

Using the Bumpi® Ring is simple, quick and does not interfere with lovemaking. There is no risk of the Bumpi® Rings slipping inside the partner.

The Bumpi® Rings lead to painless and relaxed sexuality for both.

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• friendly to the skin, soft, flexible
• compatible with water-soluble lubricants, silicone oil, skin creams, vegetable fats
• biocompatible, tested to ISO 10993
• compatible with condoms made from latex and polyisoprene
• free from latex, phthalate, bisphenol A and silicone
• ecologically designed
• durable and reusable

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discreetly in practical storage case


TPE, bio-compatible

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