Rehabi PVT® Penile vacuum trainer

for effective training of the cavernous body

Rehabi PVT ® Penile vacuum trainer
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Effective training

The REHABI PVT® supports rehabilitation and improves erectile function after radical prostatectomy, as a result of pelvic surgery and as erectile tissue training in IPP/Peyronie's disease. Preservation of erectile function is a major need for sexually active men after prostate cancer and contributes significantly to quality of life and enjoyment of life. Studies show that early use of a vacuum pump leads to full erection in 80% of patients. In addition, better healing results and reduced incontinence times are observed.

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• improved oxygen supply to the corpus cavernosum of the penis
• faster absorption of sexual activities
• significantly supports the maintenance of erectile function
• shorter time interval until spontaneous erections are achieved
• improved continence
• less loss of penis length
• less expensive than medication
• positive influence on the course of IPP/Peyronie's disease

supports rehabilitation

e.g. after radical prostatectomy

improved oxygen supply

of the corpus cavernosum of the penis

shorter time interval

until achieving spontaneous erections

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Content of the Rehabi PVT®:

• manual pump head
• transparent cylinder (200 mm long, 53 mm inner diameter)
• green soft adapter
• Animé lubricant 50 ml
• instruction manual
• storage bag

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Product details

EAN: 4013273001540
Article nr.: REHABI PVT


CE medical device
Made in Germany


KESSEL medintim GmbH
Kelsterbacher Str. 28
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf