Manual® Erection System

manual vacuum erection aid

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Be all man again.

Be all man again with the vacuum erection aid Manual Erection System.
Our Manual vacuum erection aid uses negative pressure to restore a normal erection. Without tablets or unwanted side effects. The negative pressure causes the erectile tissue to fill with blood and leads to a stiffening of the penis. Then one of the constriction rings is slipped over the shaft of the penis: it maintains the erection as soon as the cylinder is released from the body. With an erection maintained in this way, normal and satisfying sexual intercourse is possible (again).

works easily and quickly

without side effects

2 years warranty

on the pump head

very silent

by manual pump head

Content of the Manual Erection Systems:

• manual pump head
• transparent cylinder (200 mm long, 53 mm inner diameter)
• ring loader 1 and 2
• cone
• 4 different constriction rings (10, 12.5, 15 and 20 mm inner diameter)
• Animé lubricant 50 ml
• instruction manual
• storage bag

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Made in Germany
CE medical device
certified medical device according to ISO 13485


KESSEL medintim GmbH
Kelsterbacher Str. 28
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf