Caya® Contoured diaphragm

contoured diaphragm for hormone-free contraception

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The smart contraception

Many women want natural and safe contraception - without hormones! With the new Caya® Diaphragm, they can use safe, hormone-free and self-determined contraception when they need it.
The Caya® is inserted into the vagina before sexual intercourse. It covers the cervix completely and is located between the posterior vaginal vault and the niche on the pubic bone. During and after sexual intercourse, the Caya® prevents sperm from entering the uterus. After intercourse, the Caya® diaphragm must remain in the vagina for at least 6 hours.

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• hormone-free
• easy handling
• no side effects
• reusable for 2 years
• latex-free
• no adjustment necessary
• environmentally friendly
• no impairment of sexual sensations of both partners
• always only to be used when it is necessary
• together with the contraceptive gel it offers triple safety

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The Caya® Diaphragma is particularly suitable for women

• who only want to use contraception when they have sex
• after childbirth / between two pregnancies
• who have a latex allergy
• in combination with natural methods of family planning (e.g. symptothermal method)

one size fits all

thanks to its anatomical design

safe and natural

barrier method enables hormone-free contraception

offers triple safety

in combination with the contraceptive Caya® Gel

Due to its anatomical and ergonomic shape, the Caya® diaphragm fits most women who opt for a hormone-free alternative to the pill & Co.

An adjustment as with the classic, round diaphragm is therefore no longer mandatory.

If a classic diaphragm of size 65, 70, 75 or 80 mm was previously used, the Caya® can be used immediately. There is no need for adjustment and hormone-free contraception is now possible. If the user is unsure whether it is possible to use a Caya® diaphragm, she can ask a doctor or a competent family planning center.

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