Waypi® Man

the practical urinating funnel for men

Waypi ® Man
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discrete, practical and hygienic

Some men don't find it easy to urinate: In case of physical limitations, after an operation or if they are overweight, men can urinate comfortably and cleanly while standing or sitting with the Waypi® urine funnel - hygienic, simple, discreet and practical.

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• extra smooth, satin finish surface
• easy to clean
• adapts well to the shape of the body
• innovative shape prevents overflow and splashing
• with loop for practical folding
• with practical, discreet storage box
• also available with drain hose on request
• fits all bottles if urine is to be collected

innovative form

adapts well and prevents overflow

versatile applicable

in case of physical limitations or in nursing care


Take the still folded Waypi® Man out of the storage box, lift the loop and the Waypi® Man unfolds. For use, hold the unfolded Waypi® Man with the loop pointing towards the body and the funnel end pointing towards the floor. During use, make sure that the Waypi® Man is positioned correctly and the urethra is covered. After use, clean the Waypi® Man with soap and water. Then fold and store it in the box provided.

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