Efemiabladder support

reduces stress incontinence

Efemia bladder support
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Efemia bladder support

Stress urinary incontinence is involuntary urinary leakage due to physical exertion, for example, during exercise or when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. It is the most common form of female incontinence, and many are affected at some point in life.

Efemia Bladder Support is a vaginal, non-surgical insert. Its design follows the same scientific principles and methodology as the most common surgical solutions to correct stress urinary incontinence.

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• medical device
• soft and comfortable material
• small and convenient
• can be used during high-impact exercise
• reusable for 3 months
• can be used for up to 16 hours per 24 hours

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How it works

Efemia is inserted into the vagina so that the handle rests tight up against the pubic bone/perineum.

When pressure is placed on the bladder, the mid-urethra is pushed lightly against Efemia's support rings, making it bend, so leakage is reduced or prevented altogether. You can pee as usual without removing the device.

in 3 sizes

available as set or individually

made of silicone

therefore soft and supple

reduces urine loss

when having stress incontinence

about the company

Efemia bladder support is manufactured by Invent Medic Sweden, the company behind the brand Efemia.

Reliability, functionality and emotional aspects are equally important. Efemia stands for reliable and effective products that fit well into women's everyday lives.



instructions for use - multilingual

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