Premeno® duo

Vaginal suppositories for vaginal dryness

Premeno ® duo
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Dual action against vaginal dryness

About every fifth woman suffers from a dry vagina. During or after the menopause even every second woman is affected. Premeno® duo vaginal suppositories restore moisture to the vagina and help quickly.

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• hormone-free
• promotes wound healing
• regulates the moisture balance
• long-lasting effect
• free from preservatives and parabens
• free from vegetable additives
• neutral in taste and smell
• very good compatibility
• inhibits the growth of Candida albicans, the most common pathogen of vaginal mycosis

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Premeno® duo provides dual support

For the prevention and treatment of a too dry vagina, supportive during or after treatment with an anti-fungal drug, for bacterial vaginal infections during menopause.

dual action principle

through combination of hyaluronic and lactic acid

selected ingredients

free from hormones and preservatives

reduced risk of infection

restores pH value to the natural value of 3.8 to 4.5


One suppository contains 5 mg hyaluronic acid sodium and a combination of lactic acid and sodium lactate.

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Made in Germany


DeltaMed GmbH
Raiffeisenstr. 8a
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