Protective tissue – Oral Safe

protects at oral-genital contacts

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EAN: depending on flavour

The Oralsafe sheets – to be used for oral-genital contacts.

Now also available in the latex-free version (made of polyurethane)!


Version: latex

Instruction for use (de, en, fr)

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Version: latex-free (polyurethane):

Instruction for use (de, en, fr)

Instruction to use

Open carefully the foiled tissue. Moisture the vaginal or anal part of the body with a water-based lubricant. Place well the Oralsafe tissue to cover the vagina with clitoris or anus. Fix the tissue at its place while you have oral-genital contact. Dispose the used tissue at your waste. Do not flush into the toilette.


Use always a new Oralsafe sheet when you switch to use it from anal to vaginal areas. Do not cut or split up one sheet. Please use one sheet only one time. If you or your partner uses vaginally pharmaceuticals, please check with your healthcare provider if this pharmaceutical is compatible to latex. If you have latex-allergy, do not use the latex version of Oralsafe – it may cause allergic reactions. We recommend using the polyurethane (PU) version instead.

Natural latex rubber or polyurethane (PU)

8 x 1 piece latex or polyurethane tissue for single use, available with strawberry or vanilla aroma

size: 252 x 115 mm
colour: beige
box: 65 x 93 x 19 mm

Kessel medintim GmbH
Kelsterbacher Str. 28
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Product details
Strawberry flavour
EAN 4013273900164

Vanilla flavour
EAN 4013273900171

Vanilla flavour (polyurethane)
EAN 4013273001885

Available in pharmacies, specialist retailers or directly from KESSEL MEDintim