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Vaginal dryness

For a healthy, comfortable vaginal environment, adequate moisturizing of the vaginal skin is important. In many women, however, the vaginal environment is too dry. Our products help to restore the natural vaginal moisture.

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Animé Lubricant

Animé Lubricant Gel has a stimulating effect and makes sex more enjoyable and pleasurable. Its composition, which includes hyaluronic acid, makes it extremely kind to the skin.

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Hyalofemme is a transparent gel which can be used as a complementary treatment for vaginal dryness caused by a variety of factors.

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Premeno® duo

Premeno® duo vaginal ovules restore vaginal moisture and provide rapid relief. Women in the menopause who are not willing to take hormones can effectively combat the changes in the vaginal skin in this phase of life with Premeno® duo pessaries.

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