the condom for a natural feeling

kondome profil

Enjoy freedom

RFSU Profil has a special fit where the feeling is strongest: the taper below the glans makes the feeling particularly intense. It is made of natural rubber latex. Profil has a wet coating, is transparent and has a reservoir. The particularly comfortable fit makes it one of the most popular condoms. The material is vegan, so it contains no additives of animal origin.

especially intense

by tapering below the glans

compatible material

from natural rubber latex

comfortable fit

makes it one of the most popular condoms

About the manufacturer rfsu

"I dream of the day when every newborn child is welcome, when men and women are equal, and when sexuality is an expression of intimacy, joy and tenderness."

These words were written by Elise Ottesen-Jensen, who founded the "Riksförbundet für Sexuell Upplysning," or RFSU, in 1933. The right to abortion and contraception, sex education in schools, and the decriminalization of homosexuality were some of the issues Elise Ottesen-Jensen and her colleagues campaigned for. To raise the money for these controversial activities, they started selling condoms - and after more than 80 years, they still do.


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