Special Plus

extension unit for Vacuum Erection Devices

Special Plus

Special Plus extension unit

The Special Plus cylinder is larger and longer than the normal standard cylinder of the ACTIVE 3® and MANUAL Erection System. Men for whom the standard cylinder is too small and short can use the erection aids with this extension.

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cylinder: 250 mm length, 64 mm inner diameter, 70 mm outer diameter

adapter for pump head: 55 mm inner diameter

adapter to body: 54 mm inner diameter

constriction ring size 5: 21 mm inner diameter

single-unit product

suitable for use with the Active 3® and Manual Erection System

extra large cylinder

250 mm Length, 60 mm inner diameter


1 adapter (white) for connecting the pump head (electric or manual) to the cylinder
1 adapter (white) to the body
1 large cylinder: length 250mm, inner diameter 60mm
1 cone for attaching the constriction rings
1 22mm constriction ring
1 tube of lubricant
information for use

Product details

EAN: 4013273001465
Article nr.: AES SP


CE medical device
Made in Germany


KESSEL medintim GmbH
Kelsterbacher Str. 28
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf