Enlargement unit Special Plus

Unit for enlargement of the ACTIVE and MANUAL Erection System

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Large cylinder plus adapters for use with the ACTIVE Erection System NT or MANUAL Erection System.

The Special Plus cylinder is larger and longer than the normal standard cylinder. Men, for whom the standard cylinder (dimensions: 200mm length, 50 mm internal diameter) is too small and too short, can use this expander to help with their erections.

The Special Plus expander is not a stand-alone device and needs to be used in conjunction with the ACTIVE Erection System NT or MANUAL Erection System pump heads and constriction rings. The Special Plus cylinder replaces the standard cylinder. The guide sleeves (grey) and the cone (grey) from the ACTIVE Erection SystemNT or MANUAL Erection System are not used. The constriction ring is attached to the Special Plus cylinder using the cone.


  • 1 adapter (white) for connecting the pump head (electric or manual) to the cylinder
  • 1 adapter (white) to the body
  • 1 large cylinder: length 250mm, internal diameter 60mm, external diameter 68mm
  • 1 cone for attaching the constriction rings
  • 1 22mm ring
  • 1 tube of lubricant
  • Information for use

This product is a single-unit product and is suitable for extension of the ACTIVE Erection SystemNT® or MANUAL Erection System®

Adapter: polyoxymethylene (POM)
Cylinder: transparentes polycarbonate
Cone: polyoxymethylene (POM)
Constriction ring: thermoplastic elastomer

Product details
Art. Nr.: AES SP
Made in Germany

KESSEL medintim GmbH
Kelsterbacher Str. 28
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf

Class I medical device