Power Boost

The condom with L-Arginine

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EAN: 7310576190092 (pack of 8)

Power Boost comes with extra everything: It contains the amino acid L-Arginine, a natural substance in the body that has been shown to increase blood circulation. Power Boost is a thin, profiled latex condom with pleasure bumps and grooves to further enhance the experience. Uncoloured, with a nipple and L-Arginine in the lubricant. The material contains no animal additives and has a neutral fragrance.

Store in a dry, cool place. Keep out of direct sunlight.

May cause an allergic reaction in people who are hypersensitive to latex.

Package contents
8 condoms

Product details
EAN: 7310576190092 (pack of 8)

length: 185 mm
circumference: 106 mm
strength: 0,07 mm


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