Caya® Contoured Diaphragm

Hormone-free, anatomically shaped, fits well and is safe

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PZN: 14017375 | EAN: 4013273001854

Many women want to use natural and safe contraception – without hormones! The new Caya® diaphragm offers you a safe contraceptive method that you can control and use when you need it.

Caya® is inserted into the vagina like a tampon before sexual intercourse. It fully covers the cervicla os and is placed between the posterior vaginal vault and the space behind the pubic bone. During and after intercourse, the Caya® prevents sperms from entering the uterus.

After intercourse, the Caya® diaphragm must remain in the vagina for at least 6 hours.

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  • hormone-free
  • safe and reliable
  • no side effects
  • economical: can be used for up two years
  • ecological: no waste, reusable
  • latex-free
  • single-size design fits broad range of women
  • no impairment of sexual sensations of either partner
  • only to be used when necessary

Innovation: Easy to use, no size fitting necessary!

Thanks to its anatomical and ergonomic shape, the Caya® diaphragm fits most women. The fitting of a size by a professional as required for traditional, round diaphragms, is not needed.

Women who have already used a traditional diaphragm in the size of  65, 70, 75 or 80 mm  for contraception can use the Caya® contoured diaphragm immediately. Fitting is not necessary.

Women who are not sure whether they can use a Caya® diaphragm can contect a professional (physician or a family planning centre).

medically approved silicone, nylon®

Product details
PZN: 14017375
EAN: 4013273001854

Certifications: CE 0483, Medizinprodukt

one Caya® diaphragm
detailed instruction for use
storage box (case)


  • in the first 6 weeks after childbirth
  • when a conventional diaphragm of 60mm or 85mm and larger were previously used
  • in case of strong descent of the pelvic floor/uterine prolapse
  • not to be used with lubricant gel containing silicone

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  • it is recommended to always use Caya® in combination with a contraceptive gel (e. g. Caya® Gel EAN 4013273001250).
  • Caya® does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Caya® diaphragm is available in pharmacies without a prescription in selected European countries.